Nazaria-e-Pakistan counted as solution to all ills


Speakers and participants of a Nazaria-e-Pakistan Convention categorically declared on Tuesday that attempts to turn the country a liberal will be resisted at all levels and a country-wide drive to revive ideology of Pakistan has launched in this regard. The convention was organised by Jamaatud Dawa in collaboration with Nazaria-e-Pakistan Rabita Council here on Tuesday and leaders of religious and political parties, lawyer and trader organisations addressed it.
Speaking on the occasion, Jamaatud Dawa Ameer Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that consensus on Kalma-e-Tayiba is the solution to all problems being faced by Pakistan. He added that the Britain hatched a conspiracy to break the unity of Muslims by promoting sectarianism in sub-continent but Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal foiled this attempt by introducing the two nation theory. “The unity our forefathers exhibited at the time of Pakistan movement is badly needed today. We need to unite all on the basis of Kalma-e-Tayiba,” he suggested.
He pointed out that India had become a biased Hindu national state by imposing ban on sacrificing cow. He maintained that the Hindu parties of India never accepted Pakistan while the difficulties of Indian Muslims further increased after Modi’s coming into power. “We need to accomplish the map of Pakistan by getting Kashmir liberated,” he emphasised.
He was of the opinion that the problems like terrorism and corruption could not be resolved through emergency initiatives rather they need permanent solutions. He declared that the Nazaria-e-Pakistan movement would be spread to every nook and corner of the country.
Hafiz Saeed declared that the government took steps like adoption of women protection bill and hanging of Mumtaz Qadri to appease the US for holding strategic talks. He added that Indians launched propaganda campaign against him because he demanded retrieval of Pakistan’s occupied areas from India. He warned that friendship with India is more harmful for Pakistan than enmity.
Speaking on the occasion, Qari Muhammad Yaqoob Sheikh, Chairman Nazaria-e-Pakistan Council, said that calling Quaid-e-Azam a liberal is tantamount to abusing him. He suggested to the supporters of liberalism to name their party liberal league.
PPP leader Dr Javed Siddiqui, former president of High Court Bar Athar Shah Bokhari, Hamza Shahid Lodhi, Inayat Ullah Rehmani and others said that the only way to bring peace to the country was to develop unity. They added that Hafiz Saeed reminded the nation of the ideology of Pakistan which had been forgotten by the nation.
President of District Bar Association Azeemul Haq Pirzada said that Islam is the foundation of Pakistan and conspiracies are being hatched to ruin this foundation. He maintained that the law of the country requires enforcement of Islamic code but the Council of Islamic Ideology has been turned into no entity.
Mufti Abdul Rehman Shaheen, Ayub Moghal, Allama Saeed Farooqi, Maroof Tariq Khan, Mian Abdul Majeed and Muhammad Yousuf Ansari also spoke on the occasion.

Promotion of Two-Nation Theory demanded


Pakistan Resolution was passed on March 23 when the Muslims raised the slogan of “Kalma Tayyaba” on the basis of Two-Nation Theory, said a religious scholar.
They also announced that there are differences between the Hindu and Islamic beliefs, faith, way of living, culture and traditions, he said.
“For attaining the purpose, hundreds of thousands of Muslims sacrificed their lives and got a separate piece of land called Pakistan but unfortunately today we have lost the purpose of Pakistan’s creation,” said Hafiz Abdul Rauf while addressing a gathering. He said that attempts are being made to make our youth forget the slogan of “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kiya, La Ilaha Illallah”. He added that when Pakistan was created, the Muslim nation got united under the slogan which eliminated the sectarianism. Now, Pakistan is facing critical problems and disappointment is being seen in people, he said. “Only by getting united on the basic ideology of Pakistan we cannot resolve our problems,” he said. He also said that external powers are creating atmosphere of anarchy in the country and through a proper planning sectarianism, terrorism and racial indifferences are being promoted.
Sectarianism and grouping have hurt the Muslim community and heinous conspiracies are made to put quarrel among the Muslims, he said. He said that Pakistan Movement’s workers struggled and fought for the creation of Pakistan on basis of Two-Nation Theory and Pakistan should be made stable on that ideology.

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