Pakistan Day: Upholding the spirit of patriotism

Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. It’s important to press on the values of patriotism so they serve the nation with a genuine spirit in future

Education is the key to inculcate values of national unity, coexistence and peace. Reflecting on the need to promote these values, Peaceful Pakistan organized an exclusive event in collaboration with Lacas Gulberg Junior Branch in Lahore to celebrate the glory of Pakistan Resolution Day.

Children as little as pre-schoolers up to kindergarteners participated in the event with immense exuberance. Commencing with the Talawat and National Anthem, the students of third grade performed a play commemorating the Pakistan Movement. Reflecting on the struggle and sacrifices made by leaders, the students vowed to remain dedicated towards building a peaceful Pakistan.

A detailed brief was given on Peaceful Pakistan by the representatives of the initiative to the students and teachers, while discussing the need of right education to build a prosperous nation. The students participated in the interactive session with true patriotic zeal. The children shared their experiences of good deeds which, as simple as it may seem, definitely add towards pursing peace and coexistence. The celebration of Pakistan Resolution Day concluded with prayers for the nation.

In an exclusive celebration held at Arfa Software Technology Park, the choir of Sacred Heart Convent conducted by Roshaney Kotigala graced the event with the National Anthem and songs for peace. A student of St Anthony’s High School, Kevin Kotigala of Sri Lankan origin, accentuated the aura and ambiance of the occasion with folk music played on sitar. General Mustafa Anwer Hussain, former ambassador to Indonesia and author of It Couldn’t Have Been Better, and eminent artist R M Naeem also joined Peaceful Pakistan to honour the ardent devotion of the forefathers and encourage the youth to keep the spirit of patriotism high.

Today’s children are the leaders of tomorrow. No matter what path they choose to take as their career, it’s important to press on the values of patriotism so they serve the nation with a genuine spirit in future. Peaceful Pakistan is, therefore, committed to reinforcing these values in the youth through this noble initiative.

Marian Sharaf Joseph is an independent journalist. Her work for local and global publications focuses on culture and community affairs