This is the day to remember and celebrate every year to commemorate the adoption of the Pakistan Resolution by the All India Muslim League on March 23, 1940. It was held at Lahore’s Minto Park (now Iqbal Park) and was presented by A K Fazlul Haq.  

This was the day when the Muslims of the subcontinent of India declared their commitment to achieve an independent state of their own. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the first to demand a separate and single homeland for Muslims in the subcontinent because of differences in Hindu and Muslim religion, culture, customs, norms, values, concepts and civilisation. He built a separate homeland for us and Allama Iqbal woke the conscience the Muslims of the subcontinent through his philosophical work.  

The Lahore Resolution proved to be a successful struggle by the Muslims of the subcontinent for their emancipation from British rule. It took almost seven years after the Lahore Resolution to take final shape into the new state of Pakistan. There should be a democratic, Islamic Pakistan which is free from dictatorship and we should remember that Pakistan is our country. It is proud of its youth, who are the future of the nation. May our country be bestowed with the blessing of peace. 


Karachi, March 21.