dubai   -  Director General Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Sanaullah Abbasi has said that human factor is a critical weak point in cyber security.

Addressing the audience at an exhibition and conference organised by GISEC Global 2022 in Dubai, DG FIA said that human errors were often overlooked in cyber offences and hence resulted in massive cyber breaches.

While referring to a recent study carried out by the IBM, Abbasi said that 95 percent of cyber security breaches were perpetrated due to human errors. Having based his premise on the study and his decades’ long experience in the field of law-enforcement, Abbasi suggested that if himan error was eliminated or contained to an extent, 19 out of 20 cyber breaches could not have taken place.

In a bid to counter cyber attacks and protect organisations from cyber infiltration, DG FIA said that organisations must adopt tangible measures to address the element of human error, and build a cyber workforce, capable of rising up to the challenge of cyber security through recruitment of cyber security experts.

The Director General FIA shared astonishing statistics, implying gravity and cost of cyber security breaches across the globe. Abbasi said that estimated cost of cyber offences on organisations globally had flown up to $400 billion. Moreover, 95 percent of data breaches were attributed to human negligence.

The conference was followed by Q&A session in which various questions were asked by the audience at the GISEC Global 2022.