A new era of growth, impacting millions of lives

Pioneering change at Fauji Foundation: Healthcare and education reach new frontiers in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD     -   Under the visionary leadership of its first civilian managing di­rector, Mr Waqar Malik, the Fau­ji Foundation has embarked on a groundbreaking journey in healthcare and education, di­rectly benefiting millions of Pa­kistanis, including war veterans and the general public.

In just three years, Mr Malik’s focus on performance, innova­tion, diversity, and ethics has led to a 50% increase in spend­ing on health and education, with an annual allocation of Rs. 12 – 14 billion. As a result, the foundation has extended health­care services to 1.9 million pa­tients, adding 400 new patient beds throughout its 11 hospitals and 28 clinics, as well as inaugu­rating the state-of-the-art East Ridge Prime Care Hospital.

Moreover, the Fauji Founda­tion has launched a cutting-edge nursing college and a 3D print­er-equipped artificial limb cen­ter, making it a trailblazer in medical advancements.

Simultaneously, the founda­tion has introduced significant improvements in the 126 edu­cational institutions under its management, incorporating merit-based admissions, teacher training, infrastructure enhance­ments, and curriculum innova­tion. These efforts have yielded better board examination re­sults and enabled self-funded access for non-beneficiaries to the foundation’s schools, voca­tional centers, and university.

The Fauji Foundation, estab­lished under the 1870 Charita­ble Endowment Act, began with a humble Rs. 18 million corpus to support World War II veter­ans. The Pakistani government created a trust to invest these funds commercially, allowing the income to finance health­care and education for beneficia­ries. Over time, the foundation evolved into a unique hybrid so­cial enterprise, providing top-ti­er health and educational facili­ties through self-funded welfare activities overseen by its trust­ees. Today, these facilities are ac­cessible to the general public at subsidized rates.

The Fauji Foundation’s com­mercial wing has experienced remarkable growth, doubling its size in three years and pay­ing a total of Rs1 trillion in taxes over the past decade, making it Pakistan’s largest taxpayer. Ad­ditionally, one of its commer­cial investments now operates on 60% green energy, and the foundation has discovered the country’s largest gas reserves in the past 10 years, contributing to food security.

In recognition of these ac­complishments, Mr Malik was invited to Brown University in the United States to discuss his transformative approach to the Fauji Foundation, providing a compelling case study for MBA students.

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