Today the concept of Islamophobia has prevailed among the non-Muslim world and Muslims are victims of this misconception due to limited knowledge of Islam. The majority of the non-Muslim world considers Islam a religion of terror, conflict, war, and encounter. So they have set their minds about Muslims refusing or avoiding their basic human rights. Genocide is conducted among Muslim communities on the basis of counterterrorism.

This extremism is caused by film industries and social media which pollute people’s minds by highlighting the evil deeds of Muslims and associating them, particularly with their religion. Although good or bad people live in every religion and community of the world, anti-Islamic agencies are in action all the time in order to ridicule Islam.

But there is a beauty in Islam that the one who investigates Islam to defame its teachings becomes eager to explore it more and more. It is our responsibility to show the positive and real image of Islam through our practical life so that people should come to know about the wonderful teachings of Islam. It is not our matter but our religion Islam matters and we are the soldiers of Allah and it is our duty to protect it of course by the grace of Allah Almighty so that we may not feel any shame facing Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt