Would Imran Khan’s ‘go-soft’ policy with unhappy PTI MPs bear fruit?

Islamabad - Swift response from the Prime Minister Imran Khan to address simmering storm within party ranks has borne fruits. Has his efforts  resolved the conflict. Ostensibly, yes. Imran Khan deserves the credit for quickly reaching out through his aides to the unhappy MPs individually and in groups. 

He has been able to pre-empt the storm prompted by party’s estranged leader Jahangir Khan Tareen by launching over two dozen of his like-minded PTI MPs in the National and the Punjab Assemblies.

Sensing gravity of situation at this point of his five year term, Prime Minister decided to go-soft with the disgruntled party MPs. He got them engaged individually and in groups that led him to believe that none of these MPs are harbouring any bad blood against his person who also happens to be PTI’s Chairman. His strategy worked successfully so far, and efforts are afoot to keep engaging them until their genuine concerns if any were addressed up to their satisfaction. Interestingly, what has transpired from the huddles with unhappy group of PTI MPAs in the Punjab Assembly was that some of them have shown their eagerness to see outcome of the Barrister Ali Zafar’s report on the sugar inquiry being conducted by FIA.

Majority of these MPAs have shown concerns relating to the development work in their respective constituencies. What does it mean? Apparently, it seems that some MPAs are still following the policy of wait and watch the outcome of Senator’s Ali Zafar’s inquiry report which is expected to be submitted to the Prime Minister hopefully next week. So, it is quite likely that some members of the PTI’s unhappy group in the Punjab Assembly may decide their future course after seeing Ali Zafar’s report into sugar scam to determine whether allegations of Jahangir Tareen are true or false regarding unfairness of FIA investigation. 

Jahangir Tareen had a meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan and conveyed his concerns about unfairness of FIA probe to him.

Consequently, Prime Minister had tasked PTI Senator Ali Zafar to find validity of Jahangir Tareen’s concerns and report.

Jahangir Khan Tareen and his son Ali Tareen are on pre-arrest bail after FIA has reportedly found serious irregularities against them.

Prima facie, if Jahangir Tareen’s allegations are found valid in Ali Zafar’s report, the matter would be settled. But if it goes against him then simmering crisis within PTI may take an ugly shape.

On the other hand, political observers strongly believed that Tareen’s like-minded group of MPAs in Punjab Assembly or for that matter in the National Assembly would not be able to drive any mileage during the budget session or otherwise. 

They are of the view that Imran Khan’s ‘go-soft’ strategy in handling pro-Jahangir Tareen’s MPs in any eventuality would greatly benefit him. They argued that Imran Khan would choose the best among them in terms of loyalty and commitment to the PTI’s cause. So let’s wait for the kind of report coming forth from Senator Ali Zafar.