ISLAMABAD - The business community offered its full support to the government on Sunday to steer the country out of the economic crisis saying Pakistan is passing through crucial times due to deadly pandemic, Russian-Ukraine war, political upheaval and bleak economic chaotic condition.

The business community maintained that the private sector wanted to supplement the new government’s efforts, focusing economic revival of the country, adding that joint proposals of business community would help make budget business-friendly, which would finally result in a robust export-led growth.

Former Senior Vice President Lahore Chamber Meher Kashif Younis while talking to former President Islamabad Chamber and Secretary Zafar Bakhtawari called upon the new government to focus on ease of doing business which would attract the much-needed investment to trigger economic growth in the country. He said that the prime minister had to focus on enhancing business relations with other countries as no country in the current era could progress on its own. He also underlined the need for enhancing exports, reducing imports, and also offering incentives to the expats to lure investment in Pakistan.

Meher suggested that government must also focus on top priority fully exploiting under utilised potentials of livestock and dairy development, mines, natural resources, minerals, tourism, agriculture sector, tea cultivation and mandatory of use of hi tech hybrid seeds evolved by guard agricultural research division and establishment of cold storage to preserve fruits and vegetables for export and domestic consumption.

Private sector wants to supplement new govt’s efforts, focusing economic revival of the country

He said engineering and manufacturing sectors also needs special attention of government for modernisation of their plants. He said business community wanted to make Pakistan as producing country and not consumer state. He said now it is time for whole of nation to change their mindset for the survival of Pakistan and buy Pak products and lead simple life setting aside luxury style of living. He said Pakistan was achieved after colossal sacrifices by our ancestors and which now in return demands same spirit from us for its survival. “Allah has blessed Pakistan with everything and what’s we need is sincerity and dedication coupled the highest degree of honesty laced with loyalty to the country,” he said, adding: “We can make Pakistan one the best country of the world by fully utilising our indigenous resources.”