Empowering Youth

Every parent wishes to prepare their children to face the harsh realities of the world. To achieve this, parents strive to provide their children with a good education. Unfortunately, in today’s era, only children from the elite class have access to quality education in prestigious institutions. On the other hand, children from middle and lower-class backgrounds struggle to even imagine receiving an education. As a result, they are forced to start working at a young age to earn a living, sacrificing their happiness and childhood in the process. During their struggles, they often face harsh treatment from their employers. These responsibilities rob children of their smile and innocence. In their quest for a better life, they lose their childhood and ultimately become depressed. They criticize the system for its failures.

Education is vital for everyone’s growth and development. Developed countries prioritize education for all, but unfortunately, in our country, numerous students are worried and underutilized due to financial constraints. Approximately 2 million children in Pakistan are out of school. Meanwhile, our highly educated students are leaving the country due to a lack of job opportunities. Other countries recognize their youth as the driving force behind development. Therefore, the Pakistan government must ensure an equal educational system for all and provide opportunities in the IT sector for students. They must also address students’ family financial issues. Through education, our country can move in the right direction, and when students seize opportunities, they can reach the pinnacle of success and play a significant role in the country’s development. If children receive education, no one can stop Pakistan from making tremendous progress.



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