Workshop held to combat tobacco use challenge in KP

Peshawar  - Blue Veins organised a two-day capacity-strengthen workshop for the members of the Provincial Alliance for Sustainable Tobacco Control’ to combat the pervasive challenge of tobacco use in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Provincial Alliance for Sustainable Tobacco Control’ is a robust combination of civil society organisations, NGOs, trade bodies, medical professionals, online social groups, and tobacco control advocates, established to lead proactive anti-tobacco measures and advocacy for sustainable tobacco control in the province.

Focusing on strengthening the role of alliance, according to Blue Veins the workshop served to equip the tobacco control advocates with essential skills and knowledge on effective media effectively and organizing public campaigns.

The participants of the training appreciating the efforts of collective movement-building, renewed their commitments to advance broader outreach to support effective multi-sectoral tobacco control interventions and actions utilising the gained skills.

“This is a movement for health, for our environment, and for our future generations,” said Qamar Naseem, Programme Manager at Blue Veins.

“Through the ‘Alliance for Sustainable Tobacco Control,’ we aim to create a sustainable support system that will resonate through the actions of its empowered advocates. Our recent workshop is just the beginning; we envision a ripple effect of these efforts spreading across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

“As we face the tobacco epidemic in our region, initiatives like the ‘Alliance for Sustainable Tobacco Control’ are a ray of hope. By bringing together diverse sectors of society, we are not just advocating for health; we are safeguarding the future of our communities,” said Ajmal Shah, Coordinator of the Tobacco Control Cell KP Health Department.

Dr Waseem from SDPI and trainer of the workshop said, “Combating tobacco epidemic is not just a medical concern but a societal challenge. Uniting various stakeholders through this workshop represents a critical step towards a holistic approach to tobacco control. Empowerment through knowledge and skills is essential in this fight.”

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