Flood affected people

According to a report released by the Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) dated 29th August 2022, the floods caused by the monsoon rains since Mid-June have affected almost all provinces of Pakistan. Referring to NDMA’s figure, the massive floods have so far claimed 1061 lives, and 1575 people were injured in flood-related incidents. The estimated number of affected people is about 30 million and more than 1 million houses are totally or partially damaged leaving behind millions of people in need of urgent shelter. In Sindh, on one side, the floods have dilapidated whole infrastructure, most of the villages are completely underwater, cities and towns are being evacuated, and roads have been blocked whereas, on the other side, all this is to be blamed on extremely sluggish mismanagement that can further be divided into many factors including district management, negligence of irrigation department and lack of will of politicians. Pakistan People’s Party has been ruling in Sindh province since 2008, but it has always failed to take necessary measures to facilitate the people in hard times. Though the government has all available resources, and irrigation staff that can strengthen the embankments and rescue people by providing transport facilities, boats, tents and rations in emergency conditions, it seems that the government doesn’t want to give any relief to the affected people. 

Concluding the whole scenario, it is the prior responsibility of the state to ensure the security of the lives of people. I humbly request all the representatives of Sindh, politicians and Chief Minister Sindh to facilitate the helpless people of their constituencies for the sake of humanity. Local and general elections are to come ahead, they have to go to the same people for votes. This is the best time for them to stand with people to rescue their difficulties or else they will never be welcomed again.



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