LAHORE   -   The Punjab government has imposed a complete ban on fresh recruit­ments in all of Punjab government departments, except the recruit­ments made through Punjab Public Service Commission. 

According to details, any new recruitment in any department will be made with the due permis­sion of the Chief Minister Punjab. The matter will be brought up in the Cabinet Committee for approval before the announcement of new recruitments. The recruitments through Punjab Public Service Com­mission are exempt from this order. The salient features of the official notification states that, the recruit­ment through PPSC will continue as before. The standing committee of the Cabinet on Finance & Develop­ment (SCCFD), will take up the cases of relaxation of ban on recruitment on case to case basis for posts in BS- 05 and above. However, the posts falling under the pur­view of PPSC will be exempted from this requirement. 

Moreover, relax­ation of ban on re­cruitments in BS-01 to BS-04 shall be considered by the CM Punjab on case to case basis. 

However, recruitments against the posts of development projects will also be exempted from this ban. Similarly, there will be no ban on appointments/ recruitment against statutory positions provided in the substantive laws, acts or ordinances