ISLAMABAD    -   Making contemptuous re­marks against courts and seeking apologies is not new to Imran Khan. It was 9 years ago, in July 2013, Pakistan’s top court had issued a contempt of court notice to Im­ran Khan over his “critical and derogatory” remarks against the judiciary and judges of the apex court. The court sum­moned him to appear before it and explain why contempt pro­ceedings should not be initiated against him.

The Supreme Court, in the no­tice issued to the PTI chief, said that Khan apparently had tried to incite hatred against the apex court in one of his interactions with the media. A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry held, “Prima facie, it seems that Im­ran Khan has started a deliber­ate campaign to scandalise the court and bring judges into ha­tred, ridicule or contempt,” said the order dictated by CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry.

At a press conference on July 26, the PTI chief had criticised the role of the judiciary and the Election Commission of Paki­stan and termed it shameful. He alleged that the May 11 gener­al elections had been rigged be­cause of the role played by the two institutions. “The double standards of the judiciary have come to surface as his party’s candidates were knocked down on technical grounds,” the PTI chief had alleged. 

At that time, the attorney gen­eral of Pakistan had said no matter whosoever pointed out fingers at the superior judiciary, people would not believe him, and that people would contin­ue to look upon the courts with respect. Following that, the SC withdrew the contempt of court notice issued to Imran Khan.