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Waja Abba Qazi, the revered father of the Baloch nation, stood as a symbol of resistance. Today, as we bid farewell to this eminent Balochi poet, the world mourns. His passing occurred at Babu Alam’s house in Turbat, Sang­hani Sar, where he had been a guest.

In a literary letter addressed to Mir Sagar on a Saturday, Qazi Mubarak had foreseen this mo­ment. In the letter, he detailed his declining health, the struggle to rise from his bed, and his dimin­ished appetite. Waja Abba Qazi’s departure has left the Baloch peo­ple heartbroken, their tears falling like an endless rain.

Mubarak Qazi, affectionately known as Abba Qazi in Balochi lit­erature, held a unique position in the realm of literature. Born on De­cember 24, 1956, in Pasni Makran, he left an indelible mark on Balo­chi literature and culture. His dedi­cation to the Balochi language and identity continues to inspire.

Mubarak Qazi’s literary contri­butions elevated Balochi literature to new heights. His writings, in simple yet profound language, car­ried deep meaning. He once said, “The stage of respect for challenge is death; you will gain respect, but first, you must face death.”

Though he has departed from this world, his legacy lives on, evoking both tears of sorrow and gratitude in the hearts of those he touched. May Allah grant him a high place in paradise.



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