Tareen calls for level playing field for all political parties

LAHORE   -  Chairman Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party Jahangir Khan Tareen Friday emphasized the need for a fair and equitable political landscape for all parties in the upcoming elections. 

He also called upon both the Establishment and the Election Commission of Pakistan to treat all political entities equally, highlighting that without such fairness, democracy cannot properly function. 

Speaking to the media at his residence in Model Town, Tareen expressed the hope that the Election Commission would ensure equal opportunities for all parties to participate in the elections.

When asked whether his party shared concerns about an uneven playing field similar to those of the PPP, Tareen replied that his party did not have such complaints. Nevertheless, he emphasized the significance of treating all political parties with equal fairness.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Tareen as­serted their inevitability for the country’s unity and development. He argued that electing a new government for a five-year term was essential for effective long-term planning for the nation’s devel­opment. Tareen also expressed confidence that the elections would be held according to the predeter­mined schedule. Tareen advocated for conducting the elections under the framework of new con­stituencies to ensure that people receive adequate and proper representation.

In response to another query, Tareen asserted that the establishment should not interfere in politics. He said his party sought support from the people rather than the establishment. 

Regarding his eligibility to contest elections, Tareen clarified that both his and Mian Nawaz Sharif’s disqualifications were for a limited pe­riod of five years. When asked about the registra­tion of his party with the Elections Commission of Pakistan, Tareen directed the question to Awn Chaudhry, who confirmed that the IPP would be registered within one week and would also receive an election symbol.

Asked about the prospects of Imran Khan’s PTI in the upcoming election, Tareen deemed it a tricky question, given the dynamic political land­scape. He said so many things were happening at the moment, and it would be premature to com­ment on the matter.

Earlier, PTI’s ex-MNA Monzza Hasan, who had spent 26 years with Tehreek-e-Insaaf, expressed her reasons for joining the Istehkam Pakistan Par­ty. She cited her desire for the country’s develop­ment and her belief in Jahangir Tareen’s vision as the motivating factors for her decision.

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