Zardari chairs meeting to activate party cadres

LAHORE   -   The President of PPP-Parlia­mentarians, Asif Ali Zardari Friday presided over a meet­ing involving the central Punjab organization of the party aimed at activating the party cadres ahead of the upcoming elections. During this gathering, he conveyed clear directions to the par­ty’s office bearers regarding preparation of the upcoming elections. One of the pri­mary tasks assigned to them was to provide comprehen­sive recommendations per­taining to their respective constituencies. These rec­ommendations are intend­ed to serve as a strategic foundation for the party’s preparations in the lead-up to the impending elections. Furthermore, Asif Zardari entrusted these office bear­ers with the responsibility of revitalizing and fortify­ing the party’s presence and influence within their areas. The objective was to establish a robust organiza­tional structure that would bolster the party’s standing and readiness as the elec­tions approached. Simulta­neously, Asif Zardari took steps to bolster the party’s presence in South Punjab. He convened a meeting of the party’s leadership at Bi­lawal House in Lahore, seek­ing their input and propos­als on how to enhance the party’s grassroots support and capabilities. Asif Zardari expressed PPP’s commit­ment to strengthening party cadres and ensuring a for­midable presence in South Punjab during the forthcom­ing election campaign.

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