ISLAMABAD - The opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Friday moved two resolutions in the Senate for the disproval of two ‘controversial’ presidential ordinances pertaining to the autonomy of Higher Education Commission (HEC). 

Parliamentary Leader of PPP in the Senate Sherry Rehman submitted two separate notices with the Senate Secretariat for disapproval of the HEC (Amendment) Ordinance, 2021 and the HEC (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 2021. 

Last month, the government had promulgated the HEC (Amendment) Ordinance that ended the autonomy of the commission by placing it under the control of the federal education ministry. It also reduced the tenure of the chairman HEC from four to two years paving way for the removal of Dr Tariq Banuri.  

A couple of days later in April, the government promulgated the HEC (Second Amendment Ordinance, 2021 to give back some of the powers to the commission besides increasing the number of HEC members from 10 to 13. 

Submitting the resolutions, PPP Senator Rehman said, they cannot let the govt compromise HEC’s autonomy.

Instead of investing in education to ensure the future of our country, this government has in fact reduced HEC’s budget, she added, “Their priorities are so skewed that they have not been able to even allocate a fixed percentage of GDP to higher education”.