ISLAMABAD (Agencies) - PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari has said that political accords are not as sacred as Quran or Hadith which cannot be changed according to the situation. While talking to BBC in an interview Asif Ali Zardari made it clear that political parties do not enter into any accords, but rather reach 'some reconciliation' on various issues, which should not be taken as accords. While responding to a question he refused to give any time frame regarding reinstatement of judges. On a question about impeachment he said that PPP did not believe in politics of revenge. "Bhutto did not impeach General Yahya because in that case impeachment of General Niazi could also be imperative. Similarly Benazir did nothing despite the confession of Justice Nasim Hassan Shah about Bhutto's judicial killing," he added while quoting PPP former leaders' examples.