LAHORE - Quaid Pakistan Muslim League-N Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said he is ready to accept PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari as President if he sheds Presidential powers to dissolve the Parliament. Taking a tough stand, Nawaz also cut short by two days the Wednesday-deadline for the reinstatement of the deposed judges, and linked the issue to his party's support to Zardari's candidature for President's office after the former won the unanimous backing of lawmakers from the PPP on Friday, and his party announced his candidature on Saturday. 'We have asked the PPP to inform us by Saturday night whether the judges will be reinstated by Monday or not, and the N-League will announce its future strategy after the PPP's response', he said. 'I have no objection to Zardari contesting the Presidential elections, if he abolishes the 17th Amendment', Nawaz told reporters at his residence after meeting a 4-member PPP delegation, led by Senator Raza Rabbani. Other members included Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Sherry Rehman and Federal Minister Labour and Manpower Syed Khurshid Shah. They met Nawaz Sharif at the Raiwind residence to seek his support for Zardari's candidature. Nawaz said he had a written agreement with Zardari for the reinstatement of judges sacked by Musharraf on November 3 last year after emergency was imposed in the country, and clarified that neither he nor anyone from his N-League wanted to become President. 'The agreement says that the next President will be nominated after removing the 17th Amendment. The PPP will have the right to nominate its own President then', he said ,adding, that Zardari had also agreed that the deposed judges would be reinstated within 24 hours of Musharraf's impeachment or resignation. 'What happened to your promise (Kya huwa tera wada, wo kasam wo irada)?' Nawaz quoted two verses of a love song from famous Indian romantic movie 'Hum kisi se kam nahin' of the late 1970s, while lamenting that Zardari had not honoured his words. 'It had been agreed that when Musharraf would resign or get impeached, judges were to be reinstated automatically within 24 hours', Nawaz said ,adding, that he had given a new ultimatum to Zardari. 'We have asked them to tell us by Saturday night whether or not judges can be restored on Monday (tomorrow) or not', he said. Nawaz said following announcement of the schedule for the Presidential election, the PML-N wanted reinstatement of judges on Monday. 'A resolution in this regard should be tabled on Monday, discussion would be held the same day and by evening, the reinstatement order must be issued. It will take Parliament 10 minutes to pass a resolution for reinstatement of the judges after which an executive order should be issued by the Prime Minister in the evening', said the former Prime Minister. Nawaz maintained that he was flexible over Monday's deadline previously because the Presidential election schedule had not been announced, and it was announced in haste without consulting the N-League. About a Presidential candidate, Nawaz said if the controversial Presidential powers to dissolve the Parliament and dismiss PM were done away with before the September 6 poll for the post, the PPP could nominate its candidate. Otherwise, he said, 'my party will favour a national figure, away from party politics and chosen by consensus'. To a question, he said, 'Though it is the PML-N's right that it should be given the Presidentship, being the second major partner of the ruling coalition, but the N-League has no desire for it. Being a major partner of the coalition, the PML-N is justified to ask for a major slot in the govt, as all the major offices have been captured by the PPP. But we have no desire to rule, we just want PPP to fulfil the promises which it made with us and the nation'. Reiterating his commitment to reinstatement of judges, he said, 'we want restoration of judges to ensure rule of law, as it was essential to block adventurers who derail democracy in the country. In the past, the country had to face crisis, including the debacle of East Pakistan due to the dictatorial rule. I am of the considered opinion if there was democracy in the country, we would not have faced this tragedy'. Further asserting that PML-N would never compromise on the independence of judiciary, he said, 'it is necessary for supremacy of Constitution, rule of law and continuity of democracy. We have no lust for power and are ready to offer any sacrifice for the security and integrity of the country'. Holding the dictatorial rule responsible for all ills facing the country, he said violence and lawlessness in the tribal areas were also result of it. To a question, Nawaz said he has great respect for Asif Ali Zardari, but the PML-N wanted to ensure powers of the Parliament and Prime Minister as per original 1973 Constitution. When asked about the role of some forces in resignation of Pervez Musharraf, he said, 'It was only masses pressure that forced him to quit. I have no knowledge of any other forces role in this regard'. Nawaz said his party would evolve its future line of action after the response from PPP regarding reinstatement of judges. Meanwhile, talking to reporters, Raza Rabbani said Nawaz had told the PPP delegation that he would discuss the issue of support to Zardari's candidature within his party before taking any decision. When asked about the deadline set by Nawaz for the reinstatement of judges, Rabbani did not give a direct reply and said a joint committee of the PPP and PML-N had been formed for discussing a resolution to be brought in Parliament. The committee will meet on Sunday (today) and a day after to discuss the issue.