The PPP has a proud history of fighting oppression, standing up for people's rights, provision of justice and rule of law. Founded by men of vision and integrity, like Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, J.A. Rahim, Dr Mubashar, Rao Rasheed, Sheikh Rasheed in mid 60s, it has started to waver in ideological commitment now in the post-Benazir period in 2008. The party stood the test of time during its persecution by Zia-ul-Haq and the dark era of Musharraf. It has started to deplete now with the talk about indemnity to Musharraf and creating of impediments in restoration of judiciary. This major ideological shift in politics of the PPP needs to be arrested otherwise it will lose its core constituency. The party must not be seen to be in the hands of time-servers who make hay while the sun shines but desert the ship when it gets into troubled waters. PPP belongs to the people and its policies must reflect wishes of the people. -JAMIL A., Islamabad, via e-mail, August 20.