BEIJING - When it is Germany against Spain in the Olympic Games, you can almost always take a wager on the former and expect a windfall. Four years ago at Athens, Spain was not allowed a podium spot by Germany and this time its ambition of winning gold was reduced to silver. Despite threatening to cause a stir by contriving an upset or two on several occasions since 1996, Spain perhaps is not really cut out for the big time. Or is it a jinx that continues to haunt it time and again? Whatever, Germany added the feather of Olympic gold to its already much decorated crown as it also boasts of the World champion status - a most exalted collection of honours that not many nations have held simultaneously. Pakistan was the first to do it, and not once but twice, in 1968 and 1971 and again in 1982 and 1984. But then, those were the days While Spain had none in its ranks who could seize the moment for it, Germany had that most dependable of characters to clinch it. Christopher Zeller is surely the man with the Midas' touch. Having already led Germany to the World Cup glory with a brace of goals that were such sublime display of skill and opportunism in 2006, his again was the telling blow - a power-packed deflection off a short corner in the 16th minute. That, despite Spain making an effort to find the equaliser till the last moment, was good enough to hold till the very end and land Germany its third Olympic title - the first in 16 years since Barcelona.   For coach Markus Weisse, having picked up the baton from Bernhard Peters who opted for greener pastures in soccer after 2006, it was a back-to-back Olympic gold - in 2004 he had made the German women turn it on, and he proved it here that he was as good with men too. Earlier in the day, after four successive appearances on the podium, and walking away with two golds in 1996 and 2000 followed by another silver in 2004 at Athens, the Netherlands go back home from here not just empty-handed but humiliated by Australia in the bargain as well. Stung by their semi-final loss to Spain that ended its reign as Olympic champions, the Aussies gave a 6-2 spanking to the Dutch to grab medal of a lesser metal, but still something to crow about - a bronze. In the other classification games, South Korea were quite surprisingly outplayed rather thoroughly by Great Britain - a 2-5 scoreline indeed showing up the prowess of the continental champions from Asia. And in a battle to avoid the wooden spoon in front of home audiences used to gold and glory in other disciplines, China finally rustled up a win for itself by beating South Africa 4-3 in extra time.