LAHORE - The lawyers' fraternity while continuing their daily token protest for the restoration of the deposed judges Saturday demanded appointment of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as president of the country. Lawyers held token boycott of the courts and protest camps at the Lahore High Court Bar where they gathered and chanted slogans for immediate reinstatement of the judges and making Dr Khan as President of the country. The lawyers expressed dismay over the PPP leadership's reluctance to restore the judges. They expressed their commitment to continue the struggle. Lawyers said that circumstances justified appointment of Dr Khan as president of the country but certain forces did not want him to this office. They said Dr Khan had made so prestigious services for the country that he could easily command confidence of the people and can take the decisions, which have to benefit the country in a big way. Chairman Save Judiciary Committee, advocate Abdul Rashid Qureshi said American roots in the affairs of Pakistan were very deep, as neither any government nor any office can go contrary to its (US) will. He said the whole nation wanted Dr Khan as president of the country but US did not want him to see in this office. He said it was regrettable that political parties would elect only those as President who will be suited to US interests. Qureshi called for promoting ties with China, about which, he added, our Holy Prophet (SAW) had also mentioned for going there for learning. He said Dr Khan is a staunch supporter of ties with China for the purpose of defence of the country and this was not liked by America. Qureshi said majority of the people favours appointment of Dr Khan as President of the country as he had become Awami (national) President and the day is not far off when establishment would also accept him the president. Petition filed for Dr Qadeer's appointment as President A constitutional petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court praying Pakistan's nuclear scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan may be appointed as President of Pakistan by allowing the national electoral college to elect him to this office instead of the Parliament. The petitioner Gulzar Ahmad Malik says as citizen of Pakistan his and others fundamental right to elect the President is violated when exclusively the Parliament is assigned for this purpose. He argues the member of parliament being affiliated with the political parties, go by their party interest instead of what the people think about the holder of this highest office on the state. The petitioner says he and the nation want to see their national hero, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as president of the country but their aspirations cannot be fulfilled unless they are allowed to directly elect the President. The petitioner has prayed to the court to direct for amending the Constitutional provision to enable the people to elect the president.