MINGORA - Nearly 70 persons including 40 militants, 11 security forces personnel and eight civilians were killed and 45 injured in three acts of violence in Swat District on Saturday. The officials said that the security forces during an offensive in Kabal killed 40 militants when they succeeded in repulsing a severe Taliban attack against the armed forces camps. Nine including three policemen were killed in a suicide attack on a police station in Charbagh area of Swat. Three policemen were also killed when miscreants attacked a police mobile van. The first tragic incident occurred in early hours of Saturday when a suicide bomber attacked a police station in his explosive-packed jeep at Kabal town. The suicide explosion occurred soon after the expiry of curfew hours and it caused widespread destruction in the town. The police station, which is surrounded by huge residential and commercial buildings, was totally destroyed and its portions were razed to the ground. The officials confirmed death of nine persons including three policemen and injuries to three others. Six civilians also killed in the attack. In the daylong clashes, a key Taliban commander, eight civilians and 40 Taliban were killed, while four link bridges were also destroyed in Kabal. The ISPR said the operation would continue until achieving its desired results. Names of three security forces men, out of the eleven killed, have been identified as Constable Ali Said, resident of Badraga Malakand Agency, Perviz and Rehmat Ali residents of Tangi village District Charsadda, Hawaldar Mohammad Bilal, Ali Asghar, Ashraf and Javed. Two civilians including Umer Hayat and a young boy were killed in the attacks. The injured security forces men were identified as Captain Younas and Lieutenant Izzat Khan, Hevaldar Qadir, Afzal, Khalid, Naib Subedar Mohammad Ali, Iqbal, Naek Sher Alam, Altaf and Sarwar, Bahrul Hayat, Mohammad Rashid, Said Karim, Fakhar Zaman, Aziz Rehman, Mohammad Siraj, Mohammad Saeed, Shahid, Rizwan, Ajmir Shah, Amir Nawab and Mian Gul Badshah. Furthermore, 11 civilians were also injured that included Quresh, Mohammad Ayub Khan, Amina, Hameeda, Aimal Khan, Hussain Zada, Umer Farooq, Rabia, Anwar Ali, Ulfat Bibi, Attaur Rehman and Mohammad Ali. All the injured were shifted to nearby hospitals where the government also declared emergency.    The eyewitnesses termed the Saturday morning suicide attack as the worst after eruption of clashes between the NWFP Government and the Taliban militants in July last, which damaged scores of shops and houses in Charbagh. Soon after the explosion high ranking civil and police officers rushed to the site and supervised the rescue activities. The officials claimed that Taliban militants attacked the security forces camps at Kabal Police Station and Golf Ground. The attack, they claimed, was repulsed by the security forces while inflicting human losses. The officials claimed that 40 Taliban militants were killed when the security forces repulsed the attack. They also confirmed four casualties of the security forces. However, independent sources informed that the number of security forces casualties was around seven. Later in the after noon, the Taliban militants attacked a police mobile van with modern and sophisticated weapons. Three policemen on board the vehicle were killed. The vehicle was completely destroyed. The damaged vehicle was part of the three official vehicles coming back after an operation against the militants in the area. Taliban spokesman Muslim Khan claimed the responsibility for all the three attacks and urged the government to announce halt of the military action against them with immediate effect. He also threatened two more attacks against the government installations. Two students and a by-passer were killed as a result of blast at Police Station Abwa, while five other students who were waiting for school bus were also injured who were identified as Ali Shah, Izaz, Sarwar, Javairia, and Ibrarul Mulk. The gunship helicopters continued targeting the hideouts of the militants, due to which dozens of houses and other properties were badly damaged. The shelling resulted in killing of Uzman, 7, and injuries to six others who were Kausar, Shama, Gulzar Ali, Bakht Rana, Imdadullah and daughter of Ali, all of them were from Tehsil Kabal. Another incident occurred while the convoy of SP Operation Swat was on its way back after inspecting the site of the Charbagh suicide attack when it was targeted by Taliban killing three policemen. However, the SP Operation along with other policemen escaped unhurt. Those who were killed, included Amir Hatim, Bakht Zareen, and Faiz Mohammad. Soon after the three acts of violence, the administration  imposed curfew till indefinite period and tightened the security  all over the area. The administration also deployed more contingents of the security forces in the entire District.