ISLAMABAD (Online) - Former president Pervez Musharraf is under protective custody and will be allowed to move freely only after the election of a new head of the state and restoration of the deposed judges to the position of November 02, 2007, an official said. "He is under protective custody mainly because of security reasons but is free to meet friends and relatives," an Indian news agency quoted a Pakistan govt official as saying.  "Once the new president is elected and judges are restored Musharraf will be allowed to leave the country," he said. According to sources, Musharraf, who resigned on Monday, wanted to visit the US but was stopped by the authorities. "It has been conveyed to him that he will be allowed (to travel) three to four weeks after the election of the president," said the source. "Some officials are suggesting Saudi Arabia as Musharraf's destination due to security reasons. There are suggestions that he would be sent to the kingdom, where he will stay for at least six months before leaving for any other country," said another official. The official said Musharraf would not be allowed to shift into his five-acre farmhouse in Islamabad, which has been under construction for the last three years.