BY expressing his readiness to accept Mr Zardari as president if he removes the 17th Amendment, Mian Nawaz has thrown the ball in PPP's court leaving it to its leadership to decide whether to take the office stripped of its powers to dismiss parliament. The comment came after a PPP delegation met him on Saturday to solicit support for Mr Zardari in the presidential election. Mian Nawaz later told journalists that since the two mainstream parties had an agreement that the next president would be elected after the removal of the 17th Amendment, the PPP would be justified in nominating its candidate after its repeal. Mr Zardari has meanwhile won the unanimous backing of his central executive committee, including two of his outspoken critics Makhdoom Amin Fahim and Mr Aitzaz Ahsan. But he is yet to officially announce his candidature. Another decisive issue that confronts the coalition is the reinstatement of deposed judges. Mian Nawaz, who had earlier agreed on a new timeframe on the intercession of the ANP and JUI-F, gave an ultimatum that the PPP leadership should tell him by Saturday night whether it would restored them by Monday. And he made it clear that he was no longer flexible on Monday's deadline because the schedule for the presidential election was announced on Friday without taking him into confidence. As per earlier understanding a committee comprising two members each from the PPP and PML-N was to jointly draft a resolution that would be presented before the Parliament on Monday leading, according to Mian Nawaz, to the judges' reinstatement by Wednesday. The shift seems an unrealistic expectation in view of the remark of JUI-F at a TV talk show about difficulties in restoring them immediately because of Mr Zardari's assurances to the people who played an important role in the resignation of General Musharraf. The MQM has also announced that it would not support reinstatement on the ground that the deposed judges had also once been guilty of taking oath under the PCO. The JUI-F's stance too by no means tallies with that of the PML-N. There are some PPP parliamentarians also who have accused the deposed CJ in TV shows of having become controversial by taking part in public processions. All this indicates that the judges' reinstatement will be a long drawn-out process unless there is a solemn agreement among the coalition partners to wrap it up by a certain date and also resolve differences on the presidential nomination. But it seems a forlorn hope now that the prevalent situation would not weaken their resolve to work together and strengthen democracy.