WASHINGTON-US Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Saturday picked up as his running mate Joseph Biden, an influential Senator who advocated long-term ties with Pakistan. He supported 'Pakistan policy' as opposed to a 'Musharraf policy' while the former Pak President was still in power. Most experts and analysts believe that Biden, who is Chairman of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, as Vice president would shore up Obama's inexperience in foreign policy and defence, but at the same time carry risks of undermining his image as an agent of change. In a move aimed at balancing his ticket with a Congressional veteran well-versed in foreign and defence issues, areas labelled as weak by his Republican opponents. Obama is expecting the 65-year-old six-term Senator to invest his decades of experience in handling national security and global politics into the Presidential campaign. According to US media statistics, Biden was widely considered as a veteran of credentials in foreign policy and security as he has travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan twice, respectively, as well as eight times to Iraq, three central battlegrounds of the US anti-terror war. He was in Pakistan to oversee the historic February 18 polls as the country emerged from political unrest, a spate of bombings and the tragic loss of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in late 2007 to move forward on democratic path. Recently, Biden spearheaded efforts to move legislation on expanding US economic assistance for the country to $1.5 billion annually over 10 years. The step, which enjoys bipartisan support on the Capitol Hill, signals a firm desire in Washington to foster long-term relationship with the Pakistanis. The Delaware Senator has also pledged $1 billion democracy dividend for Pakistan following democratic elections. Biden believes that the US. must allocate greater resources to address problems in Afghanistan and pay focused attention to ensuring security along Pak-Afghan border. The two will be formally appointed at the Democratic National Convention to be held from Aug 25-28 in Denver, Colorado. Obama's campaign sent text messages early Saturday that he had chosen Biden as his running mate. 'Barack has chosen Senator Joe Biden to be our VP nominee', said the message. They will make their first joint appearance later Saturday afternoon in Springfield in Obama's home state Illinois. The Democratic leaders including Senator Hillary Clinton welcomed Joseph Biden as Vice Presidential candidate. Republican candidate Senator John McCain will announce his VP choice later this month.  A forceful speaker, Biden is considered a 'weapon' as a Washington insider to defend Obama from being attacked by the rival.