LAHORE - Position holders of the B A / BSc annual examinations 2008 University of the Punjab have jointly demanded the restoration of judges and urged the government to hold dialogues with the tribal areas people for the restoration of peace and harmony in the country. Mahwish Nadeem who stood first in BSc exam and secured 665 marks talking to The Nation said that judges must be restored, as the justice is the only thing, which can maintain law and order in the country. She said that the poverty was the main reason behind the suicide bombing and people involved in these were poor or uneducated. She urged the students to believe only in college education and they must not go for any sort of tuition. Aysha Tariq who stood third in B A examinations said that students should work hard and they should not take part in other activities like protests and rallies to get their goal. She was of the view that all her success was due to her hard work, prayers of her parents and credit also goes to her teachers who taught her in a nice way. To a question she said that judiciary must be restores in accordance with the agreements singed between the political coalition partners, as justice was very necessary for the survival of the country. Usman Rafi who secured third position in the BSc exam said that our education system should be upgraded and there should be no class based education system and all the people of the society should have even opportunities to get education. Shiekh Muhammad Umar Farooq who secured first position in B A exams said that education sector needed much attention of the rulers as during last eight years of the dictatorship this department was ignored. He said that he was intended to get education in the future and he would go for this even to China, as it was also the saying of the Holy Prophet "get education even if you have to go China for this". He said that he would love to go abroad for getting education but after that he would serve in his own country. He complained about the load shedding of electricity during his studies and said that it was very hard to make preparation for exam during load-shedding. Shaista Mehtab said that load-shedding was the main problem to prepare herself for the examination she asked the students to work hard to achieve their goal.