KARACHI - A rare species of lizard along with at least its four hatchlings found in the jurisdiction of historical building of Khaliq Dina hall, which came under the administrative control of CDGK, located at the Karachi's busiest street M A Jinnah Road, The Nation has learnt on Saturday. The historical building Khaliq Dina hall, came under the administrative control of Community Development Department (CDD) of CDGK, where staffers of the department saw time and again the Reptile with its hatchlings but firstly it was seen by the gardener of the building. When this scribe contacted a zoologist, he said that this was a rare species of lizard which used to eat ants, insects and termites. It may be noted that termite is found in large amount of woods lying in the Khaliq Dina hall. The CDD is responsible for looking after the historical building as its cultural wing office is established inside there. Informed sources said that the reptile was roaming in the garden of the Khaliq Dina hall since several days. Earlier no one noticed its presence but when it continued seen along with its four hatchlings, the gardener informed the DDO cultural wing of CDD to take special measures to save this rare species with the help of Karachi Zoological Garden and Safari Park management. It may be noted that Karachi Zoological Garden and Safari Park also came under the administration of CDD. The eyewitnesses said that the reptile was three feet long with a small crown on his head, and white/yellowish spots and a small layer sting on its back. They said that the reptile did not afraid of the human beings when they go near him to have a closer look. "It look beautiful due to its colourful skin." The sources in the Khaliq-Dina hall building expressed their astonishment that how this reptile came here at M A Jinnah Road which is one of the busiest artery of the City. The DO headquarter of CDD, Rashid Ali Khan, said that so far he did not inform the authorities concerned about the presence of a reptile, but soon the department would directed the Karachi Zoo and Safari Park management to catch it.