ISLAMABAD - Federal Board of Revenue has proposed amendments in income tax rules and asked the taxpayers to respond in seven days, if they seek any improvement in the proposals. According to the proposed amendments, a taxpayer who is required to use an electronic tax register must install the electronic tax register (ETR) within seven days of its authentication by Commissioner holding jurisdiction over such case and obtain a register identification number (RIN) for permanent affixture on the Electronic tax register. He must use the electronic tax register to record only his own sales and ensure that each sale is made through it and print the receipt of each sale containing the information and deliver the original receipt to the purchaser. In case of non-availability of the electronic tax register, the sales may be recorded with the use of a substitute electronic tax register, duly authenticated by the Commissioner. The taxpayer ought to prepare a daily and a monthly accounting report containing Information as prescribed in Chapter VII of these rules. He will have to ensure that the electronic tax register operates correctly with particular regard to correct programming of the names of goods, services and the correct allocation of their tax rates. The taxpayer will have to promptly report any malfunctioning of the electronic tax register to the person responsible for its service. On demand by an authorized person, the taxpayer will have to produce the electronic tax register for inspection and ensure the inspection of the electronic tax register before the authorized service management after six months. He must keep copies of the electronic tax register reports for a period of five years and produce the same for inspection by the Commissioner, whenever required to do so. The taxpayer must safely keep the electronic tax register ledger in the electronic tax register's casing and produce it whenever required by the Commissioner to do so. He should also ensure the inspection before further use of an electronic register, which has been or is suspected to have been interfered or tempered with.