KARACHI - Member of Sindh Bar Association Aqil Lodi Saturday filled an application in Sindh High Court to withdraw a petition filed against former President General (retired) Parvez Musharraf several days ago against his president-ship. The petitioner submitted in his application that since Musharraf was no longer representing the people of Pakistan after his resignation, therefore, the objective of the petition was already achieved. Petitioner submitted, "The former president addressed to the nation on 18th of August, was devoid of truth and reality as his speech only highlighted limited development works of the last nine years of his regime". "He hid the crimes and unconstitutional acts done by him, including, removal of the judges of the superior courts, the May 12th 2007 massacre in Karachi, the incident of 9th April 2007, in which several lawyers were burnt alive, the military operation against Lal Masjid in which hundreds of innocent people were shot dead, the military operation in the NWFP, imposition of emergency in the country on 3rd November 2007, the distortion of the constitution through amendments," he further said.