ISLAMABAD - The work on Pak-China Friendship Centre, the mega joint project, is scheduled to start from September 1 but the Capital planners yet to clear the site by removing electricity wires. The removal of these wires at the site, the allocated plot at Shakarparian, could temporally plunge the federal capital into darkness with the suspension of power supply. "Presently the Chinese team is in the town and intends to start work on Pak-China Friendship Centre from September 1 but the trees and live electricity wires at the site, where the centre would be built, are main hurdles", an official source told TheNation while seeking anonymity here on Saturday. He further said that at present removal of live wires is being discussed by the official of Cultural Ministry and the Chinese team, due to which the Capital might face two days load-shedding. An Official source also informed that the centre would be handed over to the Ministry of Culture for operation, maintenance and management. He said that there were so many proposals about its building designs, however, one design has also been selected and a Chinese team would prepare the technical specification, designs and detailed drawings. Pak-China Friendship Centre is a mega project, which would play a key role in endorsement of cultural activities and would be jointly used by Pakistan and China. The objective of the project is to highlight and strengthen the deep relations between the two countries. Few months back the Shanghai Construction Company had also visited Pakistan and had singed the construction contract of Pak-China Friendship Centre. It is worth mentioning here that the government of China had offered to build Pak-China Friendship Centre, Islamabad, when Shaukat Aziz as Prime Minister had visited China in December 2004 and the Chinese Premier laid the foundation stone during his visit to Pakistan in April 2005. In 2007 the government of Pakistan had formally approved a mega project of Pak-China Friendship Centre, with an estimated cost of Rs 1,530 million. However, so far, the government of Pakistan in outgoing fiscal year has allocated Rs 95 million. The Concept Clearance Committee of the Planning Commission on January 27, 2007 had cleared the project. A plot measuring 11.94 acres worth Rs 871 million had also been provided by the CDA on the recommendation of a Chinese team at Garden Avenue near Shakarparian. At the time of approval several decisions were also taken about the project and the Ministry of Culture was declared as the focal ministry for the centre. It was decided that the cost of land and annual recurring expenditure of the project would be provided by the government of Pakistan and the building will be constructed with the Chinese funds. The Centre will be used for culture exchanges, displays, conferences and cultural shows to further strengthen friendship and cultural ties between the two countries. According to its initial design, the centre would be a three-storey building with different facilities, including lecture hall for 800 people, exhibition centre, conference centre (200-250 people), multi-purpose and banquet part, dance art centre, VIP rooms, assistant functions area, mechanical rooms and hostel for 105 people (15 single rooms and 45 double rooms).