ISLAMABAD - Following are the news published in sections of press 50 years ago on August 24, 1965 regarding the incidents that led to Pak-India war: 

- Shastri threatens war as India faces famine: Indian Prime Minister Shastri openly hinted at a general war with Pakistan. India and Pakistan were now closer to war than at any time since partition. Meanwhile India faced worst food crisis since the Bihar famine of 1951.

- India ready to violate Cease-fire Line: Indian Defence Minister Y.B. Chavan threatened in Parliament that whenever India found it necessary to cross the cease-fire line, she had done so.

- Liaquat- Nehru Pact Violations: Pakistan protested to India,"Stop anti-Pakistan campaign." Pakistan lodged a protest with the Indian External Affairs Ministry against the continued circulation of false and baseless reports in violation of the Liaquat-Nehru Pact.

- Kutch Dispute: Central Law Minister S.M. Zafar says Pakistan case excellent, 24th Parallel not straight border. The Law Minister said Pakistan will submit and prove before the tribunal to be appointed for arbitration on the Rann of Kutch dispute, that the territory belongs to her not only upto the 24th Parallel, but a place even south of the line.

- Indians trespass into East wing territory: Indian armed military personnel trespassed into Pakistan territory in Comilla District and made an abortive attempt to kidnap a Pakistani sepoy on duty.

- Indian atrocities spark reaction: Azad Kashmir President Abdul Hamid Khan informs President Ayub Khan, "People (of Azad Kashmir) are anxious to cross the line (of control)."