LAHORE - The Foam Manufacturers Association chairman Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim has expressed that employment opportunities are increasing in PML-N government following an increase in business activities, adding that once the country’s economy is put on the trajectory of growth it would have a consequential impact on inflation. “Market competition will increase; resultantly products prices will come down and their quality will improve with new investment in different sectors,” he added.

He said, though energy crisis is inherited but the PML-N government had devoted all its resources for early solution of the issue of energy shortage. He said that all sectors of economy are being focused in a winsome manner and international agencies are admiring the efforts of Nawaz government’s efforts. He said these water projects would also help produce cheap energy to meet future needs of the country. He said Prime Minister had launched a number of programs which would generate thousands of jobs apart from strengthening the economy.

He said the government has initiated meaningful discourse with the private sector to boost up Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that is not up to the mark.