It looks like fans of the political intrigue at the king’s court that has provided so much drama of Game Of Thrones may be disappointed next season. For the pretty Old Town of Dubrovnik in Croatia that provided the setting for King’s Landing the has been dropped as a filming location for forthcoming sixth series.

Of course it seems a necessary step, as the television programme has caught up with George RR Martin’s series of books in relation to major plot points set in the city. Indeed last year’s infamous walk of shame for Cersei, in which she was shown being pelted with sewage as she marched from the Great Sept of Baelor to the Red Keep, was the final significant event so far to take place within its grand walls in the literature.

Another Croatian location which seems to be falling by the wayside for now is the village of Klis, which served as Mereen.

Daenerys Targaryen’s fleeing of the slave city on dragonback is one of the very last thing to have happened to her character in the novels, and the future of the city, which seems set for civil war, remains uncertain.

HBO confirmed the news in a statement, which said: ‘We can confirm that based on story and location needs, “Game of Thrones” will not be shooting in Croatia for season 6.

‘The question of whether the production will return to Croatia in the future will be decided once additional seasons are officially set by HBO. ‘At that time, the production, along with HBO, will assess their location needs based on the scripts and storylines.’

While fans of the show may be aghast at the prospect, there are plenty of plot points from the novels that have yet to be explored.

Indeed the mysterious, at least to viewers, Lady Stoneheart is one of the characters aficionados constantly complain about being ignored in forums and message boards.

In addition show favourite Arya Stark, who went blind at the end of the last series, has plenty of adventures yet to be covered. She seeming lost her sight as punishment for stealing a face from the House of Black and White so she could kill old enemy Ser Meryn Trant, though there could be more to it than meets the eye if the plot decides to follow the story of the books.