LAHORE - Former chief of PTI election tribunal for intra-party polls Justice (R) Wajihuddin Ahmed on Sunday received threats allegedly from Insaf Tigers Force through social media to stop opposing Imran Khan’s decisions.

Justice (R) Wajih told The Nation he was threatened through the social media by Insaf Tigers Force asking him to stop displaying rebellious attitude over the decisions of party chairman.

The warning on the social media stated that opposing Imran Khan’s decision is more than rebellion and whoever will do so have to face the consequences. It also stated that it is the last chance for him to mend his ways.

Asked about his course of action, Wajih said: “It is the responsibility of the party leadership to take action to save the party from such unhealthy trend. I personally will take no action on this obnoxious act.”

Meanwhile, PTI chairman Imran Khan taking serious notice on this action directed the party leaders to investigate the matter.