Sahrish Hussain

The miraculous Pakistan is blessed with infinite natural resources by the God and natural gas is the most precious one. Pakistan's current annual consumption of oil is only 150 million barrels. Even if it more than triples in the next few years, the 9.1 billion barrels currently technically recoverable would be enough for over 18 years. Similarly, even if Pakistan current gas demand of 1.6 trillion cubic feet triples in the next few years, it can be met with 105 trillion cubic feet of technically recoverable shale gas for more than 20 years. And with newer technologies on the horizon, the level of technically recoverable shale oil and gas resources could increase substantially in the future.

But these are some basic things where our leaders must have to work on.

Clean water is vital to life and its supply is limited, so it must be utilised carefully to be sure it is protected for future generations. Each of these operations such as drilling oil and natural gas wells, pumping oil from the wells, refining crude oil, transportation of crude oil or refined product and operation of filling stations has a unique possibility to contact with water. More than 75pc of people in Pakistan become ill due to the dirty water. So we have to really care that the water will remain clean and we have to work on the cleanness of the water.

Employees should be committed to protecting the environment, and the health and safety of all who share it. The oil and natural gas industry should be an increasingly safer place to work, despite a job environment that often involves heavy equipment, hazardous materials, high temperatures and high pressure equipment. This will reflect a declining rate of illnesses and injuries.

We have to really work on the environment performance. We don't care whether the wastes are going in the river or they may pollute our air. We didn't bother to improve the environment and for the people who work day and night on those places. We all understand the importance of environment we share – the air we all breathe, the water we all drink and the rand we all enjoy then we have to take care of it. FACT "the US oil and natural gas industry" has invested about $284 billion since 1990 on the environment performance"

Member companies of Pakistan Petroleum Association must committed to conducting business in a manner that protects the safety and health of their employees, others involved in their operations, customers, and the public. Process safety is part of safety management and focuses on the concerns of major hazards impacting, safety, environmental damage and business losses. The goal of process safety management is to develop plant systems and procedures to prevent unwanted releases that may explode and cause toxic impacts, local fires or it explosions.

With the accelerating changes in the energy industry and the need to address upcoming workforce challenges, it is important to have a trusted source for your industry training needs. It must be sure that programmes must be taught by the best trainers who utilise today's innovative ideas. Some basic courses must be taught in the universities so students know the basic things and this will increase their interest in petroleum as well.

(The writer is student of UCP Lahore.)