KABUL: Taliban and al-Qaeda have surged an episodic insurgency in Afghanistan for over a decade; and now few months ago another group by the name of Daesh affiliating itself with the Islamic State, a terrorist group from Iraq and Syria, has started to emerge in parts of the country and carrying out some of the most brutal executions.

Officials in some parts of the country are now saying that a new terrorist group calling itself ‘Islamic Commandos’ has began functioning in their areas.

 Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, deputy governor of Ghazni province told Azadi Radio on Sunday that the group calling itself ‘Islamic Commandos’ recently began functioning in this province. He said majority of this group is currently fighting with security forces in northern Afghanistan.“Major part of this group is operating in northern areas such as Badakhshan, Kundoz and Faryab,” he said.According to Ahmadi, a part of this group has settled in the border areas of southern Afghanistan’s Zabul, Urozgan and Kandahar provinces.

The deputy governor of Ghazni province went on to say that this group was involved in several kidnapping cases in the past including the case of 31 passengers who were abducted from southern Zabul province in February.The passengers were traveling on Kabul-Kandahar highway when unidentified gunmen stopped them on gun point in the jurisdiction of Zabul province and took them to an unknown location.Most of them were released reportedly in the exchange of some prisoners but for others nothing has been found yet. 

Ahmadi said that the ‘Islamic Commandos’ had cooperation with Taliban in the past but now are against the Taliban.In the meantime, head of Zabul’s provincial council Ata Jan Haqbayan confirms the presence a group under the name of ‘Islamic Commandos’ in parts of his province.

 Officials in Ghazni and Zabul province say around 1000 militants are operating under the name of ‘Islamic Commandos’.