LAHORE - At a news conference here yesterday, Senator Saeed Ghani of PPP claimed that over 200 PML-N office bearers and workers from Lahore had joined his party.

He was accompanied by local PPP leader, Faisal Mir who claimed credit for making defections in the PML-N from PP-154.

The prominent among the PLM-N workers who announced to join the PPP on this occasion included Rahmat Jatt, Muhammad Shafique Nambardar, Haji Muhammad Ilyas, Haji Muhammad Shahbbir, Karamat Jatt and Junaid Anwar Advocate. Around 100 other PML-N workers could be seen at Lahore Press Club, the venue of the news conference.

Rehmat Jatt said he left his parent party due to anti-people policies of the PML-N government.

Senator Ghani said that joining of PPP by political workers of other parties was indicative of a bright future for the party with Lahore becoming its stronghold yet again.

He alleged that PPP leaders and workers in Punjab had been facing persecution at the hands of PML-N for the last over 37 years. He also condemned the government for implicating PPP leaders, Qasim Zia and Shaukat Bangash in false cases of corruption. He pleaded that both were innocent.

Commenting on the Election Tribunal’s decision regarding NA-122, he said that it was yet to be established if all the bogus votes were polled in favour of Sardar Ayyaz Sadiq. He said the findings of the tribunal were vague at this stage and there was no reason for PTI chief Imran Khan to get excited over the development.