islamabad - Margalla police have booked Qari Ehsanullah, the chief organiser of an F-8 religious seminary, for spreading hatred against the government and law-enforcement agencies of the country.

Ehsanullah is also the father of Mufti Imdadullah, an accused arrested on suspicion of having key information pertaining to the suicide attack that killed Punjab Home Minister in Attock district over a week ago. Imdadullah and two others were arrested from the Madrassa (seminary) Qasimia on late Thursday night as part of the ongoing investigations into the suicide attack. However Qari Ehsanullah, who is prayer leader of the mosque, condemned the arrests in Friday sermon and criticised the government and security establishment over, what he viewed, victimisation of religious elements and crackdown on religious seminaries.

The police booked Ehsanullah under section 16MPO and 11-EE/ATA for spreading hatred against the government and security departments of the country. He was already on the watch list of security organisations.

Meanwhile, Islamabad police have arrested 13 outlaws, including four illegal immigrants, from different areas of the city.

A police spokesman said that the police also recovered hashish, wine, heroin, weapons as well as stolen valuables from their possession. According to details, Aabpara police arrested a drug pusher Anwar and recovered 1.280 kilograms hashish from him.  Golra police apprehended Ibrahim and recovered 120 grams heroin from him while Faiz was held for having one 30-bore pistol. Industrial Area police arrested Sohail and recovered one pistol from him.

Bhara Kahu police teams succeeded to arrest four Afghan nationals namely Hussain, Javed, Sami and Qudrat who were residing illegally in the country. Sabzi Mandi police arrested a thief Waseem Khan and recovered stolen mobile phone from him. Noon police recovered a tampered car from Suleman while Shahzad Town police arrested a bootlegger Ghulam Murtza and recovered 3 litres of wine from him.

Cases have been registered against the accused and further investigation is under way, police said.