S: I don’t understand why you have to be so apologetic all the time. Your say ‘thank you’ all the time.

A: What is wrong with being polite.

S: There is polite, and then there is soft. You’re a softie. It makes it seem like your easily persuaded.

A: Sadiq it’s not a sign of weakness.

S: Its probably not, but it’s a sign of too much patience. You make it so that a person who is doing something for you feels it was a favour and not a task. I know you’re the same at your workplace too. This is why you feel you’re not taken seriously at work. You don’t come off as assertive. A: You’re right. But it’s a habit since childhood. Its what my parents taught me.

S: Your parents are the most demanding people I know. But you don’t have to thank them either. It was their job to take care of you. They treat you like they did you a favour by giving birth to you.

A: Look. I hate being rude. My boss is a rude man, and I refuse to be like him to get work done. My father is very loud and very strict, and I refuse to be like him either. I believe that being kind is much more productive.

S: It might be if that was how thing were normally done. People at the workplace are used to being bullied and pushed. That makes them excel and compete. If the boss isn’t assertive, the work is less productive.

A: People are working to make money, not to please the boss.

S: Yes, but the boss puts the fear of God in them so that they work harder and better.

A: That’s the thing; people can perform on positive incentives as well. Isn’t it better that the work place is comfortable. I believe that people should enjoy work.

S: That is all very well, but it is their job. You don’t owe them anything. You saying thank you every time anyone does or says anything is not necessary. It makes you look needy. You have to stop. You even say sorry to inanimate objects if you knock them over!

A: That was only one time!

S: To make matters worse, you told the plant you thought it was a person. You actually made conversation, with a potted plant!

A: Plants have feelings too.

S: No they don’t! And you have stop being so obliging. You’re a great person, a good boss and a hard worker. If anything, people should be thanking you! You don’t owe the world anything.