Salary and pension

We live in an unjust and discriminatory society where people with contacts and connections can make anything impossible, possible. They can get the desired posts during their service and repeated extensions in their contractual employment after their superannuation. Pakistan is indeed, a haven for corrupt and people with links and it is the worst land for man of merit, integrity and people without links.
There is an alarming unemployment and job saturation in our country but even then the contemptuous concept of “contractual employment” of the (re)tired is gaining ground. These (re)tired rehired people avail both salary and pension amounting in lacs of rupees in this resources-starved country. If these people are such workaholics and want to work to contribute for to the country, should they not be asked to forgo either pension or salary as incurs it a huge loss to the national exchequer? They should get only one thing, not both fiscal benefits. 
Pension sacrifice should be made conditional with contractual employment or repeated extension in employment. I hope that once this salary or pension sacrifice scheme is put in practice in this country, there will hardly be anyone opting for reemployment after their retirement, or lobbying for extensions.
Islamabad, August 10.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt