Why has the field of sports always been seen as male-dominated in our country? Why only Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi, Aisam-ul-Haq – why not Sana Mir, Naseem Hameed, Samina Baig, Sara Nasir? Can Pakistan make room for women’s teams and encourage them to demonstrate their potential?

Historically, women have often been viewed as inferior to men with respect to physical prowess and athletic competition. But women of Pakistan are well aware of the importance and value of sports and their interest is increasing day by day. The participation of women and girls in sports challenges the gender stereotypes and discrimination, and can therefore be a vehicle for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women and girls.

Women have started to form teams to encourage other women to show their skills and talent in the realm of sports. Pakistani women have formed many teams and hope that with encouragement and exposure, they too can be seen as potential sportswomen on a higher level. Women’s participation in sports can make a significant contribution to public life and societal development. The promotion of women sports will give our women strength to show their hidden abilities in front of the world.

 It has never been easy for Pakistani women who play sports yet they are sweating it out and making a lot of efforts. Pakistani women in sports marked history. Pakistan avows numerous success stories when it comes to women in sports. The women of our country are not only participating in athletics, but also achieving many impressive milestones and defying social expectations.

Sarah Mahboob Khan is a tennis player, she has represented her country in many international tournaments and was the youngest ever Pakistan National Champion in the age of 14. Syeda Mahpara plays as a goalkeeper for Pakistan national women's football team and she is one of the best goalkeepers in South Asia. Maria Toorpakay is a professional squash player and is ranked number 1 in Pakistan. She had won the Salaam Pakistan Award. Rabia Ashiq made history as a Pakistani female athlete after participating in Olympics 2012. Hajra Khan is the striker and captain of the Pakistani women's football team.

The talented beauty of our country is undeniable. The passion of sports in Pakistani women is no lesser than in men. Show your support to women in sports as much as you show it to the men.