KHYBER AGENCY - All the political parties and members of the civil society have rejected the governor’s proposed Fata council and posting of Additional Political Agent (APA) as the agency judge.

Commenting on the statement issued in media regarding the establishment of nominated  agency councils in Fata and granting judicial power to the Additional PA, the tribesmen yesterday categorically rejected the reforms and said the tribals could not be deceived with such futile reforms. They stressed for extension of basic human rights to the tribal belt and taking them to the mainstream life.

Jamaat-e-Islami(JI) Naib Ameer Fata Zernoor Afridi  while terming the statement  of the governor ridiculous, said, the APA is the representative of  the bureaucracy and a subordinate to the governor, therefore, he added, how can he fairly deal cases and provide justice to the masses.

He suggested formation of permanent reforms in Fata and proposed setting up of elected councils in the tribal belt. He also asked for separation of judiciary from administration.

PPP leader Akhunzada Chattan said, “We have opposed the governor’s commission at the time of its formation as it was lacking representation of the tribals and still we reject all reforms formulated by the commission.”

He demanded holding of local bodies elections in Fata and abolishment of the article 247 of the constitution to let them access to the  supreme court.

Replying to a query about the posting of Additional Political Agent as Agency Judge in Fata, he said, it is like old wine in a new bottle and an attempt to deceive 15 million tribals.

He added that earlier Assistant Political Agent used to perform the job of a judge and in the new plan the same responsibilities have been assigned to the additional PA. He further said, being part of the administration, he cannot deliver as per wishes of the tribals.

The tribesmen are loyal to their motherland and have never hesitated to lay down their lives for it, therefore, all the basic rights should be given to them, he said.

Former President of Tribal Union of Journalist(TUJ) and prominent media person from the tribal belt, Safdar Dawar, welcomed selective reforms. However, he expressed reservation on the agency council and deployment of Additional PA as Agency Judge. Human Rights activist, Khlil Jibran, said, Additional PA is a subordinate officer of Political Agent, therefore, he cannot provide justice to the tribals.