One year has elapsed, but a man, affected by Indian shelling in border village Bajra Garhi could not be compensated for the losses he had suffered during shelling despite tall claims by the government and other welfare organisations.

Muhammad Lateef has been waiting for financial assistance to spend his rest life with peace and solace in far-off border village Bajra Garhi along Sialkot Working Boundary. He said that the year has passed in agony with promises of help from several government functionaries and NGOs. But the tall claims could not become reality. He called the year as a story of year-long official apathy and indifference.

Recalling his bitter memories , 60-year-old Muhammad Lateef, a cobbler by profession, said that a year ago (on August 26,2014), he was sitting in the courtyard of his house when some mortar shells fired by Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) hit his house, destroying his house and deprived him of his left leg.

He said that prior to this tragedy, he and his family would live hand to mouth and after the incident, they have been living a miserable life. Having five small daughters and a son, he is the sole bread-winner to feed his family.

He said that now he is unable to move and has spent the year with great sufferings and ordeal, saying that though he remained alive but since then he had been dying at every moment, while seeing his minor hungry children crying for food. He said that he has been living a miserable life with his family, having no food for several days; though locals sometimes take mercy and provide some food to his family.

He added that he was shifted to Sialkot Combined Military Hospital where his left was amputated and was discharged from the hospital after a week. He said that he also had very expensive private medical treatment, which, otherwise, has helped saved his life.

Lateef narrated that several NGOs had also visited him and had assured him of financial support but nothing tangible could be done so far to mitigate his sufferings.

He urged the government, NGOs and other philanthropists to provide him an artificial lamb and a wheel chair to enable him to move freely.

He said that his goats and a cow were also killed by Indian mortar shells a year ago. He wished that he wanted to work as had been doing before the incident a year ago. He vowed to continue to knock every door, saying that the door of prosperity would open soon.

His minor daughters were not going to school because of poverty. He urged the government, NGOs and philanthropists to come forward and help him financially to end the hunger from his house.

Meanwhile, Local MNA Ch Armughan Subhani has announced to provide him a buffalo and some financial help for this family.