islamabad - The young generation has revived the dying film industry of Pakistan and their efforts in recent and upcoming movies will go a long way in keeping the Lollywood on the path of revival, said popular film director Syed Noor.

The recently released movies by Pakistani film industry have a reflection of quality content, cast, story, choreography, cinematography and above all the involvement of young generation which compelled the fun lovers to enjoy the movies on big screen that ultimately gave an encouragement to their talent and boost to the film industry, he said while talking to APP. The making of new films by the upcoming talent has taken the main step for the revival of film industry, it was important to teach the youngsters about the film making in colleges and university and take this subject to degree level which has been done now. Syed Noor said that he was working on two projects to contribute to the revival of film industry and these projects include the making of a movie “Price of Honour” featuring the stories of honour killing.

and the other is an entertaining film.

“We have lack of investors in film industry and if we get investors, we can give boost to the Lollywood and take our talent to new heights,” he said.