Govt decides to block all MQM social media sites 

ISLAMABAD - The government has decided to shut down social media sites of MQM following its chief Altaf Hussain’s anti-Pakistan speech on Monday last.

According to government sources, all official and known sites belonging to the MQM would be blocked throughout the country.

The official said the request has been made directly by law enforcement agencies and not the Ministry of Interior, and law enforcement agencies are directly supervising the operation of shutting down these social media pages.

He said all the internet service providers are being directed to block all the contents on MQM related websites.

However, it was learnt that blockage of twitter and facebook accounts may take some time as the government will write to the networking sites.

Presently, the authority to block any website lies with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, which blocks any website on a written complaint and after following a procedure of investigating it. According to the sources, the sites of the party have been blocked instantly as they were spreading anti-Pakistan sentiments and were fuelling already fragile law and order situation of the biggest metropolis of the country, Karachi.

The speeches of Altaf Hussain posted on different video sharing websites will also be blocked in a due course of time.

The decision has been made after realizing that although Hussain is banned on TV in the country yet through social media his hate speeches are creating law and order situation in the country.

After the ban, MQM workers are very active on social media and social media platform is used to mobilize the workers also.

APML welcomes Sattar’s statement to avoid negative politics

All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Secretary General Dr Muhammad Amjad yesterday welcomed Farooq Sattar’s statement to avoid negative and vitriolic politics and to stay loyal and patriot to the country.

APML secretary general lauded MQM’s positive approach and said that the change of party leadership is an internal matter of the MQM. “It is however important that whosoever may become leader of this party, he should be an honest and patriotic citizen of the country,” he added.

For restoration of peace and tranquility in the economic hub of the country, it is very much important that Pakistan’s largest metropolis should generate positive vibes. To bring back Karachi’s lights, it is very much important that constructive and positive politics may be practiced in the country.

Dr Amjad said Farooq Sattar’s statement expressing disconnection with extremist and terrorist groups is a welcome step. “If MQM could materialise whatever it has pledged, it will be a good sign and good omen, not only for Karachi but the whole country,” he added.

During tenure of APML Chairman General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf, an opportunity was provided to the militant wings of MQM to practice peaceful politics. APML secretary general said that MQM also have personalities like Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ibad and former city Nazim Mustafa Kamal in its fold whose patriotism is beyond any doubt.

Shedding politics of terror, if MQM is ready to play a positive role in Karachi’s politics, it is welcome step and must be lauded, Dr Amjad said.

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