Dakokh dam in Dera Bugti district has been in poor condition and apprehended to be broken amid incessant rainfall and flooding in the area.

The water overflowing from the dam as the spillway of the waterworks has been damaged.

Local residents have apprehended that Dera Bugti town will suffer heavy losses of life and property, if the dilapidated dam will break.

Heavy rainfall and floodwater has filled the dams in the district to the brim, local sources said.

Dolangi dam in Qila Abdullah district was recently broken. The structure gave way after heavy rainfall triggered flash floods in the region. Chaman Deputy Commissioner said that the water entered in settlements and damaged houses and orchards in the area.

According to reports in July, at least seven dams were broken in Balochistan after torrential rains in the province.

According to Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), seven dams were washed away in floodwater , while many dams have been filled to the brim with water. The areas have come under water and communication with many cities has been cut off.

Meerani Dam in Turbat has overflowed, due to which the spillways were opened and water is continuing to flow, the highest level of Meerani Dam is 244 feet, and the current water level was 246 feet.