Rawalpindi - Residents of different localities of the district on Tuesday staged protest demonstrations against the inflated electricity bills.

The protest demonstrations were held at Rawat on GT Road, Union Council No 2 of Dhoke Ratta and on Murree Road.

The angry protesters blocked GT Road and Mareer Chowk and burnt electricity bills. They urged the government to abolish all cruel taxes on the electricity bills.

Because of demonstrations massive traffic jam occurred on all roads including Murree Road, Katcheri, Soan Bridge, T Chowk, Rawat, Islamabad Expressway, Faizabad, Shamsabad, Rawal Road and Airport Road causing immense trouble for the commuters and pedestrians.

In many areas, the consumers threw electricity bills into WAPDA complain cells besides arguing with the officials.

Besides holding demonstrations outside the offices of IESCO/WAPDA, the people belonging to different walks of life also expressed their anger on social media platforms and criticised Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and his cabinet members.

According to details, residents of Rawat and surrounding villages assembled at Rawat Bus Terminal and protested against the imposition of extra taxes in electricity bills by the government.

The protestors were holding electricity bills and chanting slogans against the government. Bisharat Khan, a resident of Rawat, said that as compared to last year’s electricity bill of Rs6000 for the month of July, Rs28000 bill has been charged in July this year. He claimed that IESCO is disconnecting connection of customers who have not been able to pay bills.

Another protestor namely Shazia Khan said that PM Shehbaz had promised to provide relief to the masses but in the meanwhile IESCO sucking blood of poor by issuing inflated electricity bills.

A protestor Rafique Khan, while waving an inflated electricity bill at Murree Road, said that the government has made life of poor miserable. He said he is earning Rs15000 per month while living in a small house of 3 marla with family. He said he used two fans in summer but WAPDA sent him Rs25000 bill.

At Mareer Chowk, dozens of consumers including woman also staged protest against government and IESCO for sending high bills. Irshad Begum claimed that she received Rs15000 electricity bill for using only 160 units.