DOHA    -    Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Tuesday under­scored that Pakistan of­fers attractive business opportunities for inves­tors in diverse fields, in­cluding food security, energy including renew­ables, agriculture and livestock, information technology, hospitality and tourism sectors.

Addressing the Paki­stan-Qatar Trade and Investment Roundta­ble 2022, in Doha to­night, he assured that the government of Pa­kistan will extend full support to Qatari inves­tors in deepening their footprints in Pakistan. The prime minister high­lighted his government’s firm commitment to pro­viding a friendly environ­ment for business and in­vestments in the country. He also highlighted the spe­cial nature of Pakistan-Qa­tar relations based on mutu­al respect, trust and support. He described Qatar as a reli­able partner whose support was sincerely appreciated. The prime minister stressed that Pakistan is blessed with immense natural and hu­man resources and that Pa­kistan’s geographical loca­tion enabled it to become the region’s premier trade, en­ergy and transport corridor. He said this unique advan­tage made Pakistan a mar­ket full of promise and op­portunities. Ambassador of Pakistan to Qatar, in his wel­come address, expressed the confidence that the visit of the Prime Minister would lead to substantial enhance­ment of bilateral trade, in­vestment and economic ties. During the Roundtable, a dis­tinguished panel discussed the enhancement of bilater­al trade and economic rela­tions. The Panel discussion mainly focused on explor­ing new areas of coopera­tion to forge stronger busi­ness-to-business linkages.