PTI chief asks youth to join ‘Imran Tigers’ to convey ‘real freedom’ message

If a poor person steals something, he goes to jail, if a rich person commits robbery, he gets relief like NRO

Says system of injustice, ignorance prevails in country.

ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tues­day invited the youth to join the ‘Imran Tigers’ in order to con­vey his message of ‘real free­dom’ door to door.”

‘Imran Tigers’ will be the passionate youth of my coun­try who will take my message to every nook and corner of the country,” chairman PTI said in a video message. Khan further claimed that his message was the message of “true freedom and how they can become an independent and self-respect­ing nation, as there was a sys­tem of ignorance and injustice.”

However, he stated that for this, he needed his youth to convey the message of “true freedom” everywhere. Former prime minister Khan urged that he wanted all the youth to par­ticipate fully in it because this would be the first step towards “real independence.” “There is a system of injustice and igno­rance in the country, as if a poor person steals something, he goes to jail, if a rich person com­mits robbery, he gets relief like NRO,” he also said. He expressed the optimism that his journey had now entered into a decisive phase. He went on to say that he also needed dedicated and ideo­logical youth to be present at polling stations to stop rigging on election day, as the “mafia won the elections through polls rigging.” However, he hoped that they would rid the country of the mafia despite rigging

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